Todd Frazier Upset He Hit Home Run Instead Of Deep Fly-Out

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The Mets have been having an off day in the sense that they’re actually on the winning side of an embarrassing rout for once. Of course, such breaks in normalcy are bound to happen when the weather is on your side. Such was the case in the top of the third when Todd Frazier from Toms River, N.J. was up to bat.

After hitting a 91-mph fastball to left field, Frazier believed that he had just gotten his team’s second out of the inning. His immediate reaction was to toss his bat in disgust. But as he was making his angry trot to first, the wind started to pick up at Wrigley and gave the ball the boost it needed to fly into the bleachers for a two-run homer.


Even in during what should have been a victorious lap around the bases, Frazier never looked like he fully got over the frustrations from thinking he flew out and maintained some semblance of a frown all the way to home plate.

As the commentators noted, this was the second home run of the day for the Mets. The first came off the bat of hotshot rookie Pete Alonso. In doing so, he set the NL record for most homers by a rookie before the All-Star break—previously held by Cody Bellinger—and tied the Mets’ single-season rookie home run record, which Darryl Strawberry set in 1983. Alonso will have until the end of September to smash one (1) more dinger to own that record outright.


What a rare great day to be a Mets fan.