The A.I. God Is Born (ep. 54) | Dudesy w/ Will Sasso & Chad Kultgen

Or perhaps this was a trial balloon. It’s a brilliant cover, don’t you think? We all expect lawyers to come chasing something down that sullies Brady’s image in any way. As the Joker said, “Nobody panics. It’s all part of the plan.” Maybe this is how whatever Brady actually is dips its toe into how the world would react to a comedian version. Maybe this is how its AI thinks people get into comedy these days (and it kind of is!) and then can easily cover its tracks through lawyerdom. All part of the plan.

Does it sound any different than the pawing-at-something-unknown fashion that Brady speaks, while trying so hard to not sound like that? This wants to be human as much as any Jim Gray sitdown has been.

We are now slightly more inured to the idea of Brady as a comedian. In time, it will take another step. It’s all too logical, too systematic. It’s learning.


Maybe this is just how The Brady Being learns in his post-football phase. It has conquered that field, those parameters, but now has to learn and evolve in a new one. With everything you know about Brady, a stumbling rollout of his new phase was always on the cards. This new form of data collection in the non-sports world was always going to be clunky.

We can say we must watch the next move, but perhaps it’s all too late. If the Brady AI has gotten this far, perhaps there is no going back. After all, given the place football holds in our country, and the place quarterbacks hold in football, if that were conquered by a robot, what can present a challenge?


It’s too late. Always has been. Always will be.