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Tom Brady: I Didn't Alter Or Even Notice The Underinflated Balls

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady met with the press today in Foxborough and confessed ignorance as to how New England came to be using under-inflated footballs—and, incredibly, that he didn't even notice the illegal balls.

When I pick those footballs out, at that point, you know, to me, they're perfect. I don't want anyone touching the balls after that. I don't want anyone rubbing them. [...] Wasn't even a thought, inkling of a concern of mine that, you know, they were any different. I just assumed that they were exactly the same, first half, second half.


Brady later iterated his claim that he had never knowingly played with a football that was not at 12.5 pounds of pressure. When asked if he believes the scandal to be "a media thing," Brady insisted "it's very serious. This is a very serious topic. The integrity of the sport is very important."

Brady later stated the NFL had yet to contact him about the under-inflated balls.

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