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This morning’s cover of the New York Daily News features the headline “BRADY HAS NO BALLS” over a picture of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady standing with rancid salmon filet Donald Trump, whom Brady has previously called a “great friend” while saying it “would be great” if Trump became president. The Daily News cover was in response to Brady going on the radio yesterday and again calling Trump “a great friend” while reiterating that he supports all his friends. Today, Brady’s press conference was cut short after his friendship with Trump came up.


According to Patriots beat reporter Jeff Howe, a Patriots PR person intervened after the first question about Trump, leading to the presser being cut short:

While it’s fun to watch a man smirk and act like everything’s chill even though he’s obviously seething, bringing up Donald Trump’s name just to watch Brady get uncomfortable or upset doesn’t accomplish much. A better question to ask is if Brady still thinks it would “be great” if Trump became president, despite the unvarnished bigotry of his plan to ban all Muslims from the country, and if not, why not. We’re still offering $100 to any reporter who asks Brady that specific question.

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