Tom Brady remains the L.O.A.T. — Luckiest Of All Time

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Tom Brady didn’t beat the Saints. They handed him a win.
Tom Brady didn’t beat the Saints. They handed him a win.
Photo: AP

The false narrative will be ramped up.

It will be all about Tom Brady — times 10, in fact.

They — Brady’s front-running minions — will paint a picture of how he did it all by himself, how Brady, on the strength of 199 yards passing, is the sole reason the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are headed to the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.

You will hear over and over again that Brady is the G.O.A.T. — the Greatest Of All Time.


It will be a drum beat. That’s for a reason. They are trying to convince you of something that just isn’t true if you look at his career honestly.

Sunday was another perfect example of why Brady, in reality, is the L.O.A.T. — the Luckiest Of All Time.


For sure, Brady has lived a charmed life, almost like he made a deal with the Devil.

No player has gotten more breaks than Brady.

Brady didn’t beat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

It was a gift-wrapped retirement present from Saints QB Drew Brees.

Brees, who will be 42 on Friday but looked 62 against the Bucs, was absolutely awful in what was reportedly his final NFL game.


In the Saints’ 30-20 loss in New Orleans, Brees passed for a measly 134 yards with one touchdown. He had three picks — two in the second half — and posted a 38.1 passing rating.

Indeed, it was fugly.

Any honest person who watched that game knows that Brady was far from amazing. He had nearly three interceptions and struggled throwing the ball down the field. He threw two touchdowns and had just 199 yards passing. In all, the Saints turned the ball over four times, giving the Bucs a short field in three of their touchdown drives.


“I’d say it’s pretty uncharacteristic because we preach playing ‘winning football.’ And you turn the ball over four times, that’s not ‘winning football’ — especially in the playoffs, especially against a team like that,” Brees said to the media after the debacle.

“Well, a couple of them I probably shouldn’t have thrown and maybe forced it in there.


“And we were probably a little off on the overall execution. But at the end of the day, that’s what this game came down to was the turnovers.”

Spot on. Brees lost the game. Brady didn’t win it. Yet, he will get full credit.

It’s kind of how Brady got the most glory for winning the Patriots’ sixth Super Bowl over the L.A. Rams two years ago. Somehow, Bill Belichick’s defense held a historically-great Rams offense to three points in a 13-3 victory. In that snooze-fest, Brady had NO touchdowns, a pick and a fumble. In fact, the MVP of the Super Bowl was receiver Julian Edelman, who didn’t even have a touchdown in the game.


Brady’s play this season was so uneven, and unimpressive that Cards’ QB Kyler Murray, not Brady, made the Pro Bowl. By the way, Murray’s team didn’t even make the playoffs.

Sure, in the last three weeks of the regular season, Brady put up 10 touchdowns and people raved. Those folks, however, overlooked that they came in three games against the league’s bottom-feeders — two games against the Atlanta Falcons and one against the Detroit Lions.


And think of how Brady started this playoff run — beating a 7-9 Washington Football Team that won the division and made the playoffs by default.

Brady was lucky enough to go up against a former XFL QB Taylor Heinicke, who subbed for injured QB Alex Smith. For Heinicke, it was just his second career start in the NFL, his first in the postseason.


This has been Brady’s history, starting from the very beginning of his career when he fumbled the ball against the Raiders almost exactly 19 years ago to the day of Sunday’s game.

Raiders CB Charles Woodson tackled Brady and the ball came out. It clearly appeared to be a fumble with about a minute-and-half left. The Raiders recovered the ball. It should have sealed the game. Instead, officials reviewed the call and said that Brady was trying to tuck the ball and ruled it an incomplete pass. Pats got the ball back and eventually kicked a game-winning field goal.


There isn’t enough room on the internet to list all the lucky things that have happened for Brady, but add Brees’ stinker to the list.