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Tom Brady Smiling, Colts Winning, Packers Losing, And Other Inexplicable Things: Your Sunday NFL Roundup

I guess we should have known God was asleep at the switch when the Colts won and the Packers lost. The Patriots finally beating Tebow was just an inevitability, then. Image via.

Carolina 28, Houston 13: Carolina was up 21-0 going into the half and not a single person having anything to do with the Panthers felt comfortable with that lead. The Texans won the battle of the second half 13-7, though. Which reminds me: I am surprised more columnists/sour grapes-y fans have not resorted to such analysis. "Oh yeah, well we proved we can do it in the clutch, when it matters most. 13-7 in the second half!"


Washington 23, NY Giants 10: More than any other coach, I think Tom Coughlin hates a loss like this. All the Giants had to do was not get beat by a Rex Grossman quarterbacked team and they failed miserably. Eli, as it so often seems, was victim to a severe case of the wide receiver dropsies. Oh, and the defense. Yeesh.

Miami 30, Buffalo 23: Reggie Bush ran for over 200 yards and a touchdown in the game of his career. The Bills made it a game when they converted a field goal after recovering an onside kick. However, they were unable to recover the subsequent onside kick. Really, though, they were unable to recover from their quarterback, who had a one-interception-per-100-yards-passed kind of day.


Seattle 38, Chicago 14: Look, I know NFL offenses are complicated and teams can't just pick a guy up off the street, throw him in at quarterback and expect anything worthwhile, but the Bears aren't getting anything worthwhile. Caleb Hanie threw for 111 yards with a less than 50 percent completion percentage. Why not just give Donovan a call? He can't really be worse, can he?

New Orleans 42, Minnesota 20: And on the other side of the spectrum: Drew Brees. He threw five touchdowns with over 400 yards on 32-40 passing. Adrian Peterson returned for the Vikings with a shoulder shrugging 60 yard performance. 42-20. If these two teams played ten times, this would be the score every single time.


Cincinnati 20, St. Louis 13: Former New York Jets second round pick, trash heap resident, Houston Texans one-week reclamation project and current St. Louis Ram Kellen Clemens proved no match for the Bengals' Dalton-Green combo. Green "has 1,006 yards receiving, leaving him 3 shy of Cris Collinsworth's franchise rookie record in 1981." [CBS]

Indianapolis 27, Tennessee 13: Peyton got his first win as assistant coach! Peyton got his first win as assistant coach!!


Kansas City 19, Green Bay 14: See, at first you thought this was going to be a good thing, because you hate the Packers and their winning ways and the loss was a nice release of all that pent up rage. But then you realize that someone is probably going to write a column about how it was a good thing that the Packers lost and make you hate everything all over again.

Detroit 28, Oakland 27: Stafford and Megatron hooked up for a game winning touchdown with 39 seconds left to play to put the final bow on the Lions' comeback. Stafford ended the day with 391 yards and 4 touchdowns—214 and 2 of which were sent Calvin Johnson's way.


New England 41, Denver 23: This was probably the most predictable game of the day, no? How anyone could have thought that the Broncos offense could hang around with Patriots offense is beyond me. Yeah the Pat's defense is bad, but if you score 40, I don't care if the actual Jesus Christ is the quarterback, that's going to be hard to beat. OK, that's probably a bit of hyperbole. JC is probably a terrible quarterback. More similarities!

Philadelphia 45, NY Jets 19: Oh yeah, well we won the battle of the last five minutes. Real crunch time.


Arizona 20, Cleveland 17: John. Skel-Ton. Forget Tebow. He's toast. I want John Skelton in my foxhole. No quit in that man. Single-handedly responsible for ten unanswered points in the fourth quarter, Skelton was just warming up. After expertly picking the proper outcome of the coin toss, Skelton made Larry Fitz look like an all-pro receiver on a 32 yard hookup. That set up the Jay Feely field goal, because why should Skelton get all the praise?

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