Tom Brady's Angry Dad Phones Radio Show, Calls Roger Goodell "A Flaming Liar"

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Tom Brady Sr. called a San Francisco radio program Friday afternoon to defend his son, angrily declaring the show’s host “full of crap” and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a “flaming liar.”

The Patriots quarterback’s father dialed into KGO to debate show host Chip Franklin on the merits of Brady Jr.’s now vacated four-game suspension. Brady Sr. alleged the scandal erupted from ESPN and NFL “propaganda.” With regard to Roger Goodell, the Brady patriarch claimed the NFL commissioner was a habitual liar.

Franklin, for his part, continued to cite the “facts” issued by the NFL; Brady Sr. declared the league “a kangaroo court.”

(KGO and Cumulus Broadcasting assert this is, indeed, Tom Brady’s father.)


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