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Tom Brady's Latest Ballghazi Appeal Has Been Denied

The ongoing legal battle between Roger Goodell and Tom Brady over the latter’s Ballghazi suspension took one more step toward a merciful end today.


Brady, who previously had his four-game suspension reinstated by a three-judge panel from the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals—that ruling was based not on the validity of the suspension, but on Roger Goodell’s right to administer it under the CBA—made an en banc appeal to the same court. This appeal requested that the entire roster of judges hear the case, rather than a standard three-judge panel. It was a longshot, and today it officially failed:

Unless Brady wants to take his appeal up to the Supreme Court, his four-game suspension will stick. I can’t wait to read Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Ballghazi opinion.

Photo via AP

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