The Coyotes and Red Wings will face off for Game Two of their first-round series at 1 p.m. But, it seems as if fined-and-ejected octopus-tosser Tommy B. remains the talk of his town. If you don't know Tommy B., check out the Thursday night post introducing him to the masses, along with yesterday's update.

Yes, Detroit remains abuzz with venom spewed toward Gary Bettman for trying to take away their creature-throwing tradition. Since Tommy B. shared his tale of woe, Red Wings backup goalie Chris Osgood was all "it's a little ridiculous they're concerned about a tradition that goes on at our rink - or any other rink around the league for that matter." Chris Chelios went on West Michigan Sports Talk 96.1 to talk octopi with "Sean, Terp, & Killer," as well. He said, "two or three octopi a game, I don't think that's going to hurt anybody." (Podcast link here.)

Tommy B. got some airtime as well. Here's a link to the podcast on which he said Osgood and teammate Johan Franzen have already offered to cover his fines.



In the issue of fairness, Tommy B.-hater Ron O. emailed to say:

It's about bloody time! I've been trying for years to have this BS move eliminated and the NHL only seems interested in putting a band-aid on the issue and will NOT truly discipline the Wings or Mr. Illitch.

As you all know, the rule was put in place to prevent ritualistic tossing of items on the ice after Florida had their rat tosses causing delays in the game. The Wings, however, continued doing it and HAVE NEVER ONCE BEEN PENALIZED per the letter/rule.

Hell, the Wings organization continues to blatantly laugh in the league's face, without penalty or repercussion, with their yearly octopus marketing and promotional activities.

Tradition? Plenty of things that used to happen no longer do today. Get over it!

By the way, the tradition, based on the original Cusimano brothers octopus toss from the 50's, referencing the 8 necessary wins for the Cup, doesn't even apply anymore. Enough of this preferential treatment to the Red Wings.



Anyway, Tommy said he'll send an update should he return to a playoff game, and should he have any sort of once-living projectile in his possession for use at said contest.


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