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Tommy Craggs Is Cheap

Long before I entered the blogging biz, I was a college professor who made goofy GIFs as a hobby. I am no longer an esteemed educator, and it is Tommy Craggs's fault.

From: Tommy Craggs
Date: Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 3:31 PM
Subject: from Deadspin
To: Tim Burke

Tim: It's Craggs at Deadspin. Big fan of your work, but you knew that already. I have a proposal for you that is probably best made over the phone. Call me at the number below when you have a minute. Thanks.


We talked and he made his proposal that I post things on Deadspin. For this work, he offered me "exposure" and zero dollars. I did not call him back.

He kept my phone number, though, and a year later he gave it to A.J. who called and offered me actual dollars to work here. Kudos to Craggs's business sense, though; surely it makes him the ideal person to lead Gawker Media.

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