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Tommy Craggs Proves You Can't Judge A (Korean) By Its Cover

Tommy wouldn't have gotten in so much trouble for using the G-word if he looked more Korean.


But, features aside, he is Korean. I know this because I've had a couple meals with him. Before he hired me, I came up from D.C. to New York for a visit and asked if we could have lunch. Tommy chose a Korean restaurant and ordered about $200 worth of bulgogi like a guy who'd done it before. He offered me a job probably just so he could expense it.

I came up again a few months later for another dinner with Tommy and a group of Deadspin writers and hangers-on, and he took us to the same restaurant for the same dishes. The table talk was as ethnic as the food. Tommy got in a fight with another writer, Jay Kang, over the merits of Suey Park and Michelle Rhee. It ended after chop sticks were thrown and Kang admitted he thought they were arguing about "Michelle Wie." They're all Korean. Just like Tommy, even if he doesn't look it.

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