Far be it from us to deny a guy the opportunity to make a living, and we consider ourselves open-minded ... but we had to say, when there's open debate as to whether or not are HIV-positive, we kind of think maybe you shouldn't be boxing.

Good ole Tommy Morrison, Tommy Gunn, is now 37 years old and trying to get a boxing license in Missouri, among other places. He claims he never was HIV-positive, but his estranged wife — one of the two Dawns he was once simultaneously married to a decade ago — is insistent that he is.

"I don't know why he says [he doesn't have HIV], because it just makes him look like a fool," she says. "If he thinks it's a government conspiracy (and he does) then why is he taking the medicine? He (has said), 'Because it makes my wife happy,' but that medicine runs $1,700 a month.

"He makes his money from Social Security disability," Dawn 2 says. "Because he's disabled because of HIV — it's about $1,800 (a month). And he's on some kind of plan that covers his medication." As for Morrison's boxing comeback, "He told me some friends in Phoenix had hooked him up with some wealthy Arabs," Dawn 2 says. "And they're going to help him get his boxing license back."

Honestly? If this guy is allowed to fight, Tommy Morrison fighting isn't that much of a stretch, we suppose.

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