We didn't get invited to LenDale White's birthday party—must have been some mixup—but thankfully all the memories of hanging out with the Tennessee Titans have been preserved forever via YouTube.

LenDale's birthday was in December, when Albert Haynesworth was still in Nashville and Vince Young was still ... whatever it was he was doing back then. After the usual shout-outs and big ups and whatnot, it's just a couple guys hanging out at the club, not getting drunk on premium water sponsorships and maybe some friendly teammate bonding.

Also, I'm not sure, but I believe Haynesworth mentions Roger Goodell "having" some girl in his office? I didn't actually catch most of that, but I do like how Albert brags about being Goodell's first "real" suspension. Suspensions must have been on his mind, because this party must have taken place about a week after the car accident that left another driver in a wheelchair, which itself was just a few days after Haynesworth had been placed on probation by judge. (Hence all the water?)

But, hey, as long as Vince keeps his shirt on, no one is going to complain.

Vince Young & Albert Haynesworth (Lendale White B-Day Party) [YouTube, via The Low Tube]