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The Ottawa Senators hired opera singer and judge of Canada's Got Talent Measha Brueggergosman to sing the anthems before tonight's home matchup with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and got more than they bargained for—literally.

While the average length of "O Canada" as sung before an athletic contest is a bit shy of 50 seconds, Brueggergosman stretched it to almost two minutes and drew titters from players on both benches as she warbled her way through a nearly unrecognizable rendition. We're fans of "O Canada," and it's a shame the song was butchered so badly. We'd much rather the singer be an amateur who might forget the words, but at least do it with the proper tempo.


Brueggergosman was equally as bad with the U.S. anthem, but we've elected not to show you that part since, well, "The Star-Spangled Banner" is sung badly as often as it is well. [CBC]

h/t to Jamie P

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