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Tonight's The Night We Celebrate White People Who Jump, Rap And Win

It's been a pretty groovy weekend for the Fredette Boys, hasn't it? Jimmer dropped 52 for BYU in the Mountain West semis and brother T.J.'s auto-tuned ass remained in play for the attention that only NPR features can bring about from Caucasia and beyond.

When they were kids, it was TJ who planned to be the NBA star. He was the cutthroat athlete - tall, lean and fast. But then he got sick.

"When I was pretty young - I was actually in 8th grade - I started having severe panic attacks," he says. "That kind of carried with me all the way through high school. Panic attacks and little bouts of depression here and there."

That was the experience that first got him writing lyrics and setting them to beats.


Aw, perseverance rocks.

Jimmer's up against San Diego State tonight. T.J., well he's up against the cold realities of diminishing public-attention spans. Good luck to them both.

The Other Fredette: Proud Brother, Aspiring Rapper [NPR] (Photo H/T Greg Nelson/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)

Jimmer Fredette Is Amazing, According To His Brother's Rap Song [Deadspin, 3.19.10]


T.J. Fredette - Amazing LIVE SDSU vs. BYU [YouTube]

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