Tonight's Yankees Broadcast Was Temporarily Invaded By A Mysterious "Fucking"

The top of the fifth inning of tonight's Yankees-Twins bout in Minneapolis was extra-spicy for Yankee fans viewing on WWOR (or on MLB Network's simulcast) as a voice seemed to interrupt Jayson Nix's at bat to talk about "play-in games" and someone or something being "fucking hot."


It sounds like audio bleeding in from another broadcast, though we're not sure who'd be liberally tossing around f-bombs on the radio like that (unless it was satellite radio). The audio is too crisp and clear (and closely-miked) to be crowd audio, we think. Even weirder, we also received a tip that "fucking" appeared during the Astros' broadcast on Fox Sports Houston around the same time, but we were unable to confirm it.

Do you know whose voice this is? Do you know where it's coming from? Let us know.

Update (10:27 p.m.): Several of you are suggesting it's MLB Network's Greg Amsinger. It certainly sounds like him, but it's not entirely clear how his voice would travel backward through the simulcast to air locally over WWOR in Newark.