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Tony Ferguson's Wife Files Restraining Order Following Multiple Incidents With Police

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Cristina Ferguson, wife of UFC lightweight fighter Tony Ferguson, filed a request for a temporary restraining order yesterday against her husband in Orange County Superior Court. Online court records didn’t provide many details about why Christina Ferguson requested the order, but police reports obtained by MMA Junkie showed that police were called to the couple’s home five times this year.

The most recent report was taken this past Friday, when Christina Ferguson told police that her husband had taken their 2-year-old son from her parents’ house to their own home and then changed all of the locks. An incident detail report was generated, however a more detailed police report was not written taken because Cristina Ferguson told officers she didn’t fear for her child’s safety and had no custody order.

The other reports, as posted online by MMA Junkie, describe disturbing details about Tony Ferguson’s behavior over the past few months including:

  • Wrecking his home following three days of no sleep and believing someone placed a computer chip in his leg;
  • Throwing “holy water” at his wife repeatedly; (cops advised him to see a professional and told Cristina to give him some space)
  • Claiming “someone was inside his walls” (this was reported during a welfare check where cops couldn’t reach him so they couldn’t do anything about it)
  • Kicking his father out of his house and acting erratically enough to warrant a police call (the report just ends with “Incident closed”).

Just yesterday, UFC president Dana White told a fan in a reply on an Instagram post that the lightweight fighter was not on the latest card because he’s going through “a lot of personal issues right now. Hopefully things turn around for him and he can get back in there.” Today, Tony Ferguson’s management issued a statement to MMA Junkie saying, “This is a private family matter that is in the process of being resolved.”

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