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Illustration for article titled Tony Gwynn Is So Not Impressed With Your Baseball Analysis Technology

Bloomberg Sports must have developed one hell of a piece of baseball-analyzing software, because the Los Angeles Dodgers seem to be absolutely dumbfounded by its profound brilliance.


"It's the best thing a baseball player can have," says Matt Kemp, who has obviously no need for a cup, sunglasses, bat, or glove.

"It's the greatest app ever invented, baseball-wise," says Dee Gordon, careful to add the all-important qualification and not anger his Angry Birds overlords.


"It's definitely a useful tool. It's not a gimmick program," says reliever Todd Coffey, who sounds like he's most definitely been burned by gimmick programs in the past. (My guess? Tom Emanski.)

But, wait! This otherwise overly effusive summary of Bloomberg Sports' life-altering baseball analysis software does offer some contrarian perspective. Who might this voice of dissent be? Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn. What say you, Tony Gwynn's son?

"If Dad had this [app], he might have been on the field even longer than he was," said Tony Gwynn Jr. "He had two recorders at home games and took one on the road. He'd have all at-bats on one video and all hits on another. He did all the editing himself until '93 or '94, when they hired a video guy. He was definitely far ahead of the game electronically. I showed him the Bloomberg app, and he thought it was cool, but his reaction was sort of subdued. I guess he wasn't impressed because he was doing it long ago."

Damn. Bloomberg Sports, you've just been Gwynned.

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