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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Kornheiser is the most visible members of the Washington DC sports media scene. He's also employed by Dan Snyder's radio broadcasting company, and ESPN. Because of the latter, he's been silent on the matter, and because of the former, that silence speaks volumes.


Now he's spoken, sort of. Kornheiser finally addressed Snyder's lawsuit against Washington City Paper on his Tuesday radio show. It's clear where TK stands on the matter, though he's clearly holding back. As transcribed by Dan Steinberg:

"Let me say that my own opinion about this is that this lawsuit, in its various forms, has given this particular story life that it could never have had before," Kornheiser said. "Life that it could never have had before. So at this point, I'm sort of willing to believe that the only reason for continuing this thing is out of some sort of principle having to do with Dan Snyder's view of the world.

"This is what I would say - and I'm not gonna stop [my cohosts] from saying anything - but my comment would be I would not bring this lawsuit. I would not have brought this lawsuit. I would not continue the lawsuit. I think it's a losing proposition to do so. I think when you are a public figure there are things that are bothersome and they sort of come with the territory."


More noteworthy than a stance that requires no balls whatsoever is Kornheiser's bald admission that outside interests have played a big part in his silence from the beginning.

There are two companies that provide me with the economic opportunity that I've had in recent years, which has been very beneficial to me. And in the words of my colleague Bomani Jones, I'm not gonna mess around with where the money comes from, OK?

"One of the places the money comes from is Red Zebra, which is owned by Dan Snyder, this radio station, ok? And the other is ESPN. And I've been told in no uncertain terms by a variety of people, do not say stuff about the places where you work, so you need to understand that, that I am reluctant to be enormously expansive on certain things that jeopardize my well being."

The inescapable limitations on media guys when they're part of the corporate game are frustrating for everybody, not least of which, we're sure, for Kornheiser himself. But while his long-awaited comments are anticlimactic, we hope no one was waiting for the final word to come from ESPN 980.

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