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Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Tony Romo's new main squeeze, Candice Crawford.

The Cowboys seem to attract the ladies, what with being on TV and all. Miles Austin is dating Kim Kardashian—who likes fast men it appears—and now Tony Romo is dating the sister of a Gossip Girl "actor." Crawford—a former Miss Missouri—joined the Musers on KTCK in Dallas to spill intimate details about her relationship with Romo for all in the DFW area.


On how she and Tony Romo met:
"I met him two years ago when I was an intern with the Cowboys. I was doing their off-season show The Blitz. And I had worked there over the summer so we had met then. I was underage. Then, two years later, he broke up with his girlfriend. I broke up with my boyfriend. And I got back to Dallas to do Special Edition. The Cowboys broadcasting department who I am really close with were like, ‘Hey buddy, we hired your intern friend again.' We ended up going out and have been going to dinner every since."

On if their relationship is "official:"
"At this point, it's pretty exclusive. I would hope. He will say ‘boyfriend,' ‘girlfriend.' It's defined so much differently these days. You do have to be careful how you define it. But yes, we are exclusive. (Host: Do you say you love each other?) Yes. I know we took it to the next step."

On what kind of boyfriend Romo is:
"I would say we are pretty balanced because I hate being like the plan maker. I feel like I'm on the phone all day. He's pretty efficient and Type A in a different degree. He's really good at making the plans and having things scheduled and done. I'm more like the domestic Type A things like, ‘You know you need to iron your shirt. Let me iron that for you.' … I wouldn't say he's a neat freak, but he's not like a slob. He has good hygiene."


When asked, "What is 23 minus 17?"
"Um… five?"

[Editor's Note: Wow.]

And how about one quote without context:
"And then I love deep throat informant. Those are probably my favorites."


Photo via NY Daily News

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