By now, you might have seen the bizarre Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson singalong thing that the brain has yet to download, let alone comprehend.

Now that A.J. has left us, it's up to others to try and fill his pointy, elfin shoes and feed us some delicious Cultural Oddsmaker pie. And I can think of no better place to start than with Tony Romo's little black book. Now that Jessica Simpson is apparently out of the picture, who will be the next beauty to take his arm on a trip to Cabo? My bet is already down, but I'm not telling. OK fine, I say that he's waiting for Dakota Fanning ... although as Otter said in Animal House, "That could take years, and cost thousands of lives." Rumors and Rants runs down the more practical odds.

Let's see: Kelly Pickler is the favorite here at 5/2, although don't count out wily veteran Bridget Moynahan (20-1) or the workmanlike Alyssa Milano (50-1). But hey ... where's Rice Girl?

Handicapping Romo's Next Conquest [Rumors And Rants]

(ED. NOTE: We just got back from Media Day, and Kelly Pickler was there. There was no Romo.)