Tonya Harding, The Female Butterbean

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The Sports Pulse takes a look back at the rise and fall (mostly fall) of Tonya Harding over the past twelve years. It's hard not to think about her and Nancy Kerrigan when the Winter Olympics roll around. It was a time when it was OK to be a figure skater and not appear to still going through puberty. Back then, in fact, the competitors were adult enough to have each other clubbed in the knees with pipes. Things were simpler then.

The years have not been kind to Tonya. It's gotten to the point where I officially feel bad for her. When anyone's doing celebrity boxing, getting barred from fighting in Florida because they weight too much, and then getting makeovers on Entertainment Tonight that don't help, I can no longer dislike them.


Twelve years ago, she could have been America's princess. Today, she's sitting around thinking, "I'd totally release another sex tape if I thought I could get back into that kind of shape."

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