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Too Much David Ross

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Have you heard about David Ross?

Did you know that he’s been on this season Dancing with the Stars? MLB and ESPN (ABC’s sister network) have certainly provided you with ample coverage:


DWTS is now over (Ross came in second), but he will still be on TV. He’s now making appearances on ESPN as a broadcaster.

Did you hear about his cameo in Chicago Fire, which was enough for to proclaim 2017 “the year of David Ross”?


Are you aware of his new cereal? Some company keeps making Cubs-brand cereal (RizzO’s—a smart marketing ploy) and now there is a “Grandpa Rossy” cereal for sale in Chicago:


If that’s not enough David Ross content for you, feel free to also pick up his new book, Teammate: My Journey in Baseball and a World Series for the Ages. Ross’s book is probably pretty interesting and instructive (we have a copy at the office, though it’s unopened).

If you aren’t a big reader, don’t worry. Plans have already been announced to turn his book into a movie.


Is all of this completely harmless? Yes! Does anyone need this much exposure to a journeyman catcher who inexplicably became a Chicago folk hero despite only playing two seasons with the Cubs (after inexplicably becoming a Boston folk hero despite only playing two seasons with the Red Sox)? Who can say!

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