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Top 13 Subject Lines Of Emails Received From Nick Denton

I've worked at Gawker Media for over four years and in that time have received numerous emails from owner Nick Denton. These are my favorites. See if you can guess which site I was writing for when I got them.

13. "Manhunt ads on Sports Illustrated"

12. "haven't looked" (Ed.: Message was only a Twitter link that he presumably had not clicked on.)


11. "Isn't this what guys on Chat Roulette use to get girls to show their tits?"

10. "Eric Dane's anatomy and PS3 pushed us to 18.7m pageviews yesterday!"

9. "come on, you can do better than this!"

8. "beast"

7. "Anybody know Molly Lambert of This Recording?"

6. "you gotta do something on stalag porn in todays nyt"

5. "wrestler boner"

4. "cuban sandwich"

3. "bullshit stories to pareene for his first bullshit dump roundup please"

2. "anyone want to go to New Yorker Festival this weekend?"

1. "Chimp sex toy"


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