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Top Party Schools in Country, Shockingly, Correspond With Top Athletic Programs Except For...Randolph-Macon?

Randolph-Macon College is in Ashland, Virginia. Chances are you've never heard of this school prior to the party school listings. Every other school in the top 20 at least plays D-1 sports. Here's the top 20. Yep, slotted right in there with Texas, Florida State, Ole Miss, Penn State, Georgia and West Virginia is a tiny school on the outskirts of Richmond. We've already told you that Florida and their bingo wing'd girls took the top spot, but how in the world did a tiny school with only 1,125 students slide in at number 6? Lots of bukkake that's how.


If you expect that a college with only D-3 athletic programs would embrace their newfound notoriety, you'd be wrong. Cue the Richmond Times-Dispatch,"We put no stock at all in these lists," college spokeswoman Anne Marie Lauranzon said. "They've reached the point of just being silly."

Silly? Don't lie to us, Randolph-Macon, we're on to you. Just embrace your newfound status. "Randolph-Macon: We put the orgy in organic chem." Or something like that.

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