Top Ten Commenting Memes of 2007 That Should Die In 2008

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To keep the comments as fresh and outstanding as they've been up to this point, we've commissioned Commenting Guru Rob Iracane to write a bi-weekly Comment Ombudsman column. It runs every other week. This is that week.


Mr. Iracane is the guy who approves and deletes comments around here, and the fellow to whom you should address any comment account requests, and he will explore issues involved in commenting, what makes a great comment thread, what's working, what isn't, answer your questions, so on. We want the place to continue to be as much fun as it is every day, and it's not an execution thread like our friends at Gawker do. We like to be inclusive here, because if we're not, we'd be forced to rely on our own wit and knowledge, and that's a scary thought indeed.

So here's this week's column, on comment memes our combudsman would like to see go away, is after the jump. Of course, don't be afraid to let him have it in the comments.


I've been combudsmanning around these parts for nearly eight months and deadterning for just over a year. What have I learned?

Commenters are simultaneously the funniest part and the most frustrating part of Deadspin. No worries: out of all the people who audition for comments, the unfunny ones can sometimes amuse me just as much as the funny ones. As for those of you who are already approved, I've been laying down rules and regulations all year long, so to fully get in the holiday spirit, here's more! I give you the top ten commenting memes of 2007 that I'd like to see dead in 2008.


These items are irritating enough to stick in my craw but not really column-worthy on their own accord. That being said, I'm not putting an outright ban on these memes. Feel free to keep firing away your comments related to these topics as long as you understand how much it gives me the red ass. Here we go, in no particular order:

  1. Tim Hardaway Hates Gay People: We get it. A male is acting effeminately. Tim Hardaway hates gay people. Move on.
  2. Bill Simmons Has Gotten, Like, So Bad: You may not agree with everything he writes but telling everyone that he's a hack is just...hack.
  3. People Telling Us What To Listen To On Satellite Radio: I admit it, I do this too sometimes but XM's baseball coverage is by far superior to Sirius' football programming. (Also, Ron and Fez, noon to three)
  4. Duke-bashing: We as sports fans can hate whomever we want, but as Deadspin commenters, we are encouraged to be creative in our antagonism. Duke-bashing, like Boston-bashing, has become trite.
  5. Referring to Posts as 'Threads': This isn't some koffee klatch email between hausfraus about all the adorable things your children do. It's a blog post and we make funny comments. Well, most of us do.
  6. A-Rod/Jeter/Anyone is Gay: I blame the hilarious Dugout for this meme, but really, sports fans have been jeering their enemies for years by calling them 'fags' or 'queers'. Bad news, folks: Derek Jeter is straight (and dreamy!) Save your homophobic slings for the real gays, like John Amaechi or Brady Quinn.
  7. The Underpants Gnomes Bit: (1) Hack Comment (2) .... (3) Make Rob sad.
  8. Complaining About Being Fired After AJ Posts Salacious Pictures: Although I suppose this won't be a problem anymore now that Daulerio is about to retire the Oddsmaker column. Is that what happens when you run out of column ideas? Hm...
  9. Baiting Supermike: He's the commenter everyone loves to hate and secretly hates to love. He's smart, funny, and quick with the reply. But when poked with a stick, he becomes ornery and risks getting banned for the twelfth time. Please don't make me ban him again. I like having a foil.
  10. Kige Ramsey: 'Nuff said.

This has been Rob Iracane for Deadspin sports. If you want me to have a happy new year, remember this list in 2008 and stay away from the crap.


These commenters, however, never bring us crap because they are My Favorite Commenters of the Year:

  • Camp Tiger Claw: He had a streak of hilarity reminiscent of Christmas Ape in 2006.
  • ArkansasFred: He is filthy-mouthed and roots for Philly teams, and I don't think that's a coincidence.
  • Suss—: Yes, he's an employee of Gawker Media and a man of many blog-hats, but he remains one of the most consistent commenters since day one. Kudos!
  • Folks, who are your favorite commenters?