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Torii Hunter Gets Trapped In An Oxygen Chamber, Pisses In a Bottle, Tweets

In need of a little rejuvenation after the Angels' 7-3 loss last night to the Rangers, Torii Hunter entered a clubhouse oxygen chamber, thinking that would do the trick. It's not known what happened next—whether Hunter stayed in the chamber too long and was forgotten about, or whether no one realized he was in there in the first place.

All we have to go on, really, is the account Hunter was helpful enough to provide for everyone on Twitter, since he apparently took his phone into the chamber with him:


Yeah. Hate when that happens. A short time later—in case anyone was worried—Hunter followed-up to let us know he had at least solved the problem of having to piss:

At no point did Hunter indicate he was in any imminent danger—he was in an oxygen chamber, after all. He seemed, well, relaxed, and even tweeted at Gary Sheffield's son a short time later with this: "I think I'll live lil Sheffield. Lol." Then, after a few more exchanges with some of his followers, he tweeted the photo you see above, complete with an illuminating caption that said, "Here's a pic of me in the tank." Hunter even used the time he had to kill to offer a warm hello to former big-leaguer Greg Swindell, and to Swindell's family:


Finally, about an hour after he first let us know of his ordeal (based on the time stamp), Hunter informed us he was OK. He did, however, get so caught up in the entire matter that he wound up forgetting something:


So here's a little reminder to the next person in the Angels' clubhouse who uses the oxygen chamber: Do so at your own risk, though it's recommended you have someone around to supervise, just in case. And don't drink the Gatorade bottle you find inside.

[h/t to OTB]

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