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Torrey Smith's Kid Liked The Roller Coaster Until He Rode On It

T.J. Smith, son of 49ers receiver Torrey Smith, went to an amusement park with his parents yesterday and learned a hell of a lot about expectation versus reality.

T.J.’s mom Chanel posted a video of her son before he went on the roller coaster, and another of him during the ride. He did not like the ride:


T.J. is not alone, though. His experience yesterday serves pretty well as a representation of the Super Bowl.

When the Falcons are up by 25 points:

When Kyle Shanahan won’t run the damn ball:


When Edelman caught it:


When you realize your dad is going to play for the guy who botched a painfully obvious game-clinching drive:


The Pats-hating contingent of the Deadspin staff at 8 p.m.


The Pats-hating contingent of the Deadspin staff at 11 p.m.


Combined with the sports baby news of Martellus Bennett’s daughter Jett crashing her dad’s postgame presser, it’s been a rough couple of days for T.J. Thankfully, he seemed to be in better spirits this morning.

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