T.J. Smith, son of 49ers receiver Torrey Smith, went to an amusement park with his parents yesterday and learned a hell of a lot about expectation versus reality.

T.J.’s mom Chanel posted a video of her son before he went on the roller coaster, and another of him during the ride. He did not like the ride:

T.J. is not alone, though. His experience yesterday serves pretty well as a representation of the Super Bowl.

When the Falcons are up by 25 points:


When Kyle Shanahan won’t run the damn ball:

When Edelman caught it:


When you realize your dad is going to play for the guy who botched a painfully obvious game-clinching drive:

The Pats-hating contingent of the Deadspin staff at 8 p.m.


The Pats-hating contingent of the Deadspin staff at 11 p.m.

Combined with the sports baby news of Martellus Bennett’s daughter Jett crashing her dad’s postgame presser, it’s been a rough couple of days for T.J. Thankfully, he seemed to be in better spirits this morning.