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Total Prick Drops A Woman Outside A Hollywood Club And Nobody Drops Him

I know not where in Hollywood, Cal. this huge brawl featuring "guys hitting girls, girls hitting guys, girl on girl, guy on guy - it was absolute chaos" went down. But what I do know is this: In light of all the carrying-on about finding the Flyers fans who dropped the Jersey War Hero Wearing A Rangers Jersey, vapid club rats ougtha take a good hard look at the 0:07 mark of this video and narc the prick who dropped a chick on the sidewalk, leaving her rattled and pantiesposed.

Either that, or get the blue-dressed barrel chick at 1:05 some brass knuckles and a megaphone for street vengeance. That's the type of dude who needs to get dropped physically and legally, is he not?


As YouTube commenter "loveusorleaveus" noted, "What's up with the fucking pussy hitting women? And, noone being able to knock his ass out?" Real talk. (Update: A tipster just emailed with word that this occurred outside Social Hollywood, "which is right across the street from ye old Cat and the Fiddle.")

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