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When we last heard from Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino at the end of last season, he could barely contain his rage following Spurs’ embarrassing defeat to Newcastle, which capped what was almost a perfect season with yet another humiliating St. Totteringham’s Day. He has not forgotten that day and those feelings, and made this very clear to his players ahead of the new campaign.


From the Independent, here’s Pochettino explaining the colorful language he used to hammer home just how infuriated he was about how last season ended:

“When we got back from Australia, we talked a bit about it,” Pochettino revealed on Thursday afternoon. “The players needed to hear my feelings, how I felt after the game and after the season, because there was no time to share [then]. I explained my point of view and my feelings.”

Those feelings were furious. “I just told them, that if I had had the opportunity to kill them, then I would have done. I wanted to kill all of them. And kill myself too. I am very honest with them and they are very honest with me. That is a very good relationship.”

This fits his comments to the public immediately following the Newcastle game, where he described the loss as the worst result of his career and said he would have a hard time looking his children and wife in the eye after the day’s embarrassment. Hopefully, the promise of silverware and the threat of death keeps Spurs’ players more focused and driven through the entirety of the coming season.


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