Tottenham's Own Goal Somehow Makes Chelsea Look Competent

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Watch out. Chelsea’s dumb meltdowns are apparently contagious.

The Blues got a much-needed 2-0 win against Tottenham this afternoon, earning all three points thanks mostly to a nifty Pedro goal. But Chelsea were able to relax with a two-goal cushion during the match’s final few minutes because of a truly pathetic blunder from Tottenham defender Kieran Trippier—the kind of inexplicably bizarre moment we’re much more used to seeing out of Maurizio Sarri’s squad this year.

Chasing down the ball in his own end after a goal kick, Trippier had barely any pressure, plenty of time and space, and a friendly goalkeeper running up to meet him. And somehow, with all that in his favor, the Spurs man still committed a hilarious howler by passing it past Lloris and into a gaping net for a slow, horrific goal that was 100 percent his fault.

Hilarious Chelsea Own Goal

Expect Chelsea to sign Trippier up any day now.