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Tough-Talking Gators Fan Might Be Legally Prohibited From Attending Game

Remember that obnoxious Florida fan who challenged the state of Alabama to a fight and warned them about his karate skills, all the while wiping off palm sweat due to his close proximity to a woman? He's allegedly on probation in Florida.


Some intrepid Alabama fans identified the sunglasses-wearing shit-talker as one Brett Warren. A guy in Florida named Brett Warren was sentenced on July 23 for three counts of grand theft—a third degree felony in Florida, by our research—and one count of "BURGUNOCCSTRUC/CV OR ATT," which is a fancy way of saying that Warren broke into something that was unoccupied, or at least attempted to before he was stopped. Since this is Florida we're talking about, we're going to posit that he attempted to jack the sheriff's fan boat.

The second-worst part of this? If Brett Warren is the man in the video, he's been lying about how tall he is.

And the worst part? According to a spokeswoman for the Florida Prison and Probation System, Joellyn Rackleff, Warren does not have permission to travel out of state—which our friend in the video seems intent on doing. So, if they're the same guy, and our friend here winds up attending the game in Tuscaloosa, he would be violating the terms of his probation, and his two-year probation term would likely turn into a prison term. His probation officer's field office has been notified.

So, if anyone sees him at or around Gate 42, Section U-1, Row 1, Seats 3-8 in Bryant–Denny Stadium Saturday night, you can probably make a citizen's arrest, provided you are also a skilled karate fighter. Looking at you, Spencer Hall.


If they're not the same person: my bad, State of Florida.

Complete dossier pictured below. H/T JP.

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