Trade Rumor: The Washington Redskins For The FBI

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There are two, seemingly unrelated real estate issues in and around our nation's capital. The FBI is seeking to move out of its dilapidated, Brutalist ugly headquarters in downtown Washington, and officials from DC, Maryland, and Virginia are all trying to lure the bureau to their districts. Meanwhile, DC would love to lure the Redskins back to the city, but their lease at FedEx Field in Prince George's County, Md., runs through 2027. about a trade?

According to NBC Washington, DC officials would be willing to support the FBI moving to Prince George's County if the county would allow the Redskins to break their lease—and then build a new football stadium on the site of RFK.


"Unnamed officials" say a deal has already been proposed, but the Prince George's County Executive says he's not considering any agreement that would move the Redskins. The Washington Post sort of pooh-poohs the report's sourcing, pointing out that councilmember Jack Evans is the only politician quoted in the story, and indeed, he's been pushing the FBI-for-Redskins swap for years. So like most trade rumors, this one may have no more substance than one party running it up the flagpole to see who salutes.

D.C. Would Swap FBI Headquarters for Redskins [NBC Washington]