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Trae Young Ejected For The Crime Of Staring At Kris Dunn's Back For Too Long

Less than 48 hours removed from a game that lasted through four periods of overtime, the Atlanta Hawks are playing the Chicago Bulls again, this time in the Windy City. Just as he did on Friday, Trae Young was still putting up points with ease on the Bulls—though admittedly not quite at the same rate. Chicago guard Kris Dunn was clearly sick of this kid decimating his team with regularity and his frustration with the rookie spilled over in the first quarter.

After Young shot the ball post-whistle, Dunn walked right through the point guard as he was holding his shooting stance. Young threw an arm out and Dunn retaliated by smacking Dunn on the head. Teammates eventually intervened and not much came out of it beyond double-techs.


A couple quarters later, Young was feeling his shooting hand heat up and decided to take a three from near the logo, as he often does. When the ball went in with ease, he decided to celebrate the moment with a stare down of his defender, Dunn. The officials on the court decided that his act of aggression was too malicious for this beautiful sport and gave Young his second technical foul of the game, which led to an ejection.

Great. It’s always good to take an exciting player off the floor because he decided to look at someone for too long. It’s even better when the supposed victim didn’t even notice it.

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