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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Train Wreck of a Woman Who Had Hawkeye Sex in Bathroom Stall Comes Clean

Illustration for article titled Train Wreck of a Woman Who Had Hawkeye Sex in Bathroom Stall Comes Clean

We featured this as a quicklink, but given the amount of attention this poor woman is getting due to her unfortunate drunken sexcapades at the Iowa/Minnesota game last week, it's probably worth another look.


The woman featured in this photo is (allegedly) Lois Feldman, 38, married mother of three, frisky wine drinker, and blackout sex bandit.


To recap, here's the rundown:

A Carroll woman who was caught having sex in the men's room at an Iowa Hawkeye football game in Minneapolis last weekend says she'd had so much wine before kickoff that she doesn't remember walking into the restroom, the man she had sex with in a stall, or when the police opened the door.

Got it? Well, to add to the embarrassment, it turns out Mrs. Feldman has also been fired from her job at an assisted living center, mercilessly prank called, and shamed in her sleepy town, but throughout all this, has miraculously stayed married. The Des Moines Register got the exclusive interview where Feldman spills her guts. Here are some of her quotes:

• On how life's been post-arrest:

It's ruined my life," she said through tears today. "Not just the incident but the press."


• On the 26-year-old she got caught boinking:

"I don't know who this man is," she said today. "I just found out his name in the paper last night."


• On how much she drank:

She said she doesn't remember how much she drank, but the party's hosts refilled her glass each time it was low "so I'm sure I drank a lot."


Feldman said her husband later told her he'd tried to talk her out of the game because she was intoxicated.

"He said I didn't realize it was that bad," she said.

Okay — obvious thing to be thankful for this holiday season: THAT THIS IS NOT YOUR MOM OR YOUR WIFE.

First Alleged Photo of Mother Of Three, Who Had Filthy Bathroom Sex at the Metrodome [The Big Lead]

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