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Transgenders On Wheels

Tipster Mike writes in to alert us to the WFTDA's new policy on transgender athletes. Huh?

WFTDA stands for "Women's Flat Track Derby Association," and this association is evidently the leading body of organizing roller derby. And here we had thought there was no governing body of women's roller derby! Then again, who else would organize the Wicked Wheels of the East and Southern Fried Smackdown tournaments?


Here's the WFTDA:

Recognizing that there are many definitions of "female," the policy clearly defines what the term means for the purposes of WFTDA-sanctioned competition. It states that a female is someone "living as a woman and having sex hormones that are within the medically acceptable range for a female," to include male-to-female transgender and intersex persons.

The policy does not require that transgender athletes proactively provide the WFTDA with proof of "female" gender, but does articulate some standards for documentation. Should a review of a skater's status become necessary, the policy mandates that it be done in a way that protects her privacy and relies on the medical expertise of her own healthcare provider.

Among those healthcare providers? "Doctors of medicine or osteopathy authorized to practice medicine or surgery under State law," the policy says. And if you don't know an osteopath who'll claim you're a woman for $20, you don't know an osteopath.

WFTDA Adopts Gender Policy [WFTDA]

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