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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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With the trash talking already underway, today is shaping up to be a exciting entertaining crappy day of college football. Take your survival guide if you're headed out to the Ohio State/Wisconsin game. Cancellation of the day is Georgetown at Colgate. A norovirus outbreak at Georgetown has forced the cancellation of today's game. I happen to live in Georgetown so if the posts spontaneously stop today, someone call 911. A few interesting matchups for the day (scroll down for the complete schedule): • Kentucky at No. 2 Alabama: Despite not being ranked, statistically Kentucky has one of the top defenses in college football and leads the nation in kickoff returns. They also currently hold the title for least points allowed per game. These stats don't mean much yet since they've had a relatively cupcake schedule. If Kentucky can jump ahead early, they have a shot at an upset. • Penn State at Purdue: Penn State is coming in to this game at 5-0, however four of those games have been at home. They have a terrible record against fellow Big Ten teams on the road (1-4) and a loss today could set up a slide of losses in their tough upcoming schedule. In turn, Purdue has had horrible luck against Penn State and quarterback Curtis Painter has yet to throw a touchdown against Penn State, despite three career games against the Nittany Lions. Sounds like a barnburner, huh? • No. 13 Auburn at No. 19 Vanderbilt: The first of three top 25 games today, this SEC East vs. West matchup has drawn the attention of ESPN's Gameday, who will be in Nashville today with the sign police. Send along pics of your offensive signs. Gameday won't show them, but I sure as hell will. Oh, and SEC Poon can't find pics of hot Vandy girls. That could possibly be because there aren't any, but if you come across one, send that along as well. We can't let the world go Vanderbilt poon-less, can we? Don't forget to send your thoughts to The Hugh Johnson on AIM. Today's Games: • Noon — Penn State at Purdue [ESPN] • Noon — Iowa at Michigan State [ESPN2] • 12:30 — Oklahoma at Baylor [FSN] • 12:30 — Kansas at Iowa State [Versus] • 2:30 — Stanford at Notre Dame [NBC] • 3:30 — Florida State at Miami, Illinois at Michigan, Texas Tech at Kansas State, or Arizona State at California [ABC, ESPN2] • 3:30 — Kentucky at Alabama [CBS] • 4:00 — Navy at Air Force [Versus] • 6:00 — Auburn at Vanderbilt [ESPN] • 7:00 — Connecticut at North Carolina [ESPN2] • 7:00 — Texas at Colorado [FSN] • 7:30 — Washington at Arizona [Versus] • 8:00 — Ohio State at Wisconsin or Oregon at Southern California [ABC] • 9:00 — Missouri at Nebraska [ESPN]


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