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Travis Henry Leads The League In Illegitimate Children

Travis Henry just may surpass Jason Caffey in their "who can have more illegitimate children" contest. A Florida woman is claiming that Henry is the father of her 18 month-old twins.

While Henry hasn't been ordered to pay child support to Vanessa Colbert as of yet, she insists that he is, in fact, the father. This would bring his total to 11 children with 10 different mothers. The good news is that now he can field a football team.


The bad news is that he's currently behind in all of his court ordered child support payments, which total $15,000 a month. That's a tall order for a man who is currently in federal custody for violating his release order stemming from drug trafficking charges. But seriously, how's a guy gonna pay his child support if you take away his 11 pounds of cocaine?

It's all a hot mess. When you need a flow chart to keep track of your kids, you made a wrong turn somewhere. He still hasn't surpassed Calvin Murphy, who has 14 children by 9 women, but Henry's still young. He has a long life of unprotected sex ahead of him.


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