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It's time for another Overwrought Rec League Email Chain, this time from the wonderful world of kickball. And serious business.

To set the scene, this comes from a group of friends who have been playing together for years. One of them recently left the team to join another in a higher division. All names have been redacted, and the exiting player's emails are in bold. The chain starts with the exiting player complaining that others who have left the team aren't catching as much shit as he is.

[Redacted] quits the team and then incites ill will towards other ex-Pandas as he rides off into the sunset. Nothing but a rabble rouser! Wouldn’t be surprised to see him combing the schedules to join a team that plays the Pandas similar to what he did for softball this past season.

Figured you guys would welcome a stress free, quiet season on the kickball field. I’m sure it is a dream come true for [Redacted].

If not for your treasonous behavior, there would be nothing to rouse. You = Snowden.


We all have different reasons for moving on and none of them are treasonous. [Redacted] retired because he lost his fire as coach…[Redacted] retired because he has a son and lives in the sticks…you retired because you are too old and afraid that you will tear your calf trying to run to 1st base again….I retired from the Pandas because I needed more intensity.

I don’t enjoy playing sports for “fun”. I like to play sports to be challenged and at a certain level of intensity. To be respectful of those just looking to have some fun win or lose I decided to sit this Panda season out to play with a group of friends from my soccer team. I wish nothing but the best and continued success for the Pandas. I’m sure I’ll make it out to cheer you guys on for a game or two.

This league is designed for fun and kickball is not a real sport.

I’d also say that trying to compare [Redacted], [Redacted] & me retiring to you joining another team is a terrible comparison. Please see the definition of treason below:

trea·son (trzn)


1. Violation of allegiance toward one's kickball team, especially the betrayal of one's kickball team by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies by joining an opposing team.

Looks pretty clear to me.

I’m not playing for an opposing team of the Pandas (unlike [Redacted] who joined a softball team in the same division). I’m playing in the highest division in kickball so our teams will never play against each other. I don’t think anyone feels it is treasonous that I never joined the Pigeons football team…I play on a different football team, in the highest division, with another group of friends. Doesn’t mean I don’t like both groups of friends because I do. I’m not judging…it is I who is being judged for wanting to play at a higher level of intensity while not ruining everyone else’s fun.

That fact that you don’t believe each and every reason that someone has (i.e. their personal rationale) is comparable means that you are conceited and believe only your reason is right or appropriate. I look at sports like a compound exercise (having multiple purposes and benefits)…sure they are to socialize and mingle (i.e. the fun aspect…I can have fun with the best of them) but I like to be challenged as well and compete at a higher intensity level. That is not for everyone which is why they have different leagues of varying skill levels and intensity.

To quote Willie from Ultimate Survival Alaska, “why do you go out and test yourself because you can, why do men climb mountains because they are there…if you have to ask these question you will never understand the answer in the first place”. That is how I feel right now…the fact that you guys only look at sports as something “fun” to do or pass the time means that you will never understand the answer and desire to compete at a higher level. It is less about ability and more about the desire to challenge yourself.

Wouldn’t the greater challenge, as you claim you desire, be attempting to lead a slightly diminished Panda team to a winning record, rather than becoming just another cog in an already established team that has won multiple championships?

Sounds like you are shrinking from the challenge. Willie would spit on you.

It would except for the minor detail that most folks only want to have fun. That is clearly evidenced by the old and new coach’s comments. In the past I met before games and had practices with people for those that wanted to improve and it worked. The Pandas will live on and have a grand old time this season.

The greater challenge is playing in the highest division…that is being accomplished.


To recap: kickball.

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