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The University of Florida dumped a bunch of documents today, this time lightly redacted, about the investigation into the sexual battery allegation against freshman quarterback Treon Harris. The case was closed with no charges filed, and Harris will start the Gators' next game. The records include a transcript of Harris's interview with university police and throughout he insists the sex was consensual. He also asks, unprompted, three different times, if ESPN will report on the case. That part of the transcript is below.

Det. J. Faroni: It's all like right here. Okay. Well, that's not bad. So here's what's going to happen, okay? Like the Lieutenant explained to you is right now your room is being sealed off. What we're going to do is apply for a search warrant to go take anything that's potentially evidence in this case for the allegation. Okay? So until that's done you're not going to be able to access your room.

Treon Harris: So is this going to be on ESPN and stuff?

Det. J. Faroni: I have no idea what's going to happen with any of that stuff. What we're doing is a criminal investigation. If someone comes forward to us with an allegation, we investigate it. Okay? What I can tell you is we're really good at our job...

Treon Harris: Yeah.

Det. J. Faroni: ...and I promise you that this will be resolved the way it's supposed to be resolved.

Treon Harris: Yes, sir.

Det. J. Faroni: Okay?

Treon Harris: Okay.

37 Det. J. Faroni: So what that means is whatever happened is going to come out and it's going to be done.

Treon Harris: Uh-huh.

Det. J. Faroni: Okay? So, it's much better to just deal with this right now, right...

Treon Harris: So it's going to get on ESPN.

Det. J. Faroni: ...then put it off, put it off, put it off. What's that?

Treon Harris: So you're saying it's going to get on ESPN?

Det. J. Faroni: I'm not even talking about ESPN anymore.

Treon Harris: Oh.

Det. J. Faroni: I'm just talking about from the Police Department standpoint.


The detective goes on to tell Harris why he shouldn't talk to the accuser and asks more questions about what happened. They include questions about a text message Harris sent the woman, saying "Don't tell nobody bout nothing." Harris says he sent the text because he didn't want a different woman he was seeing to find out about it. This is when Harris brings up Jameis Winston.

Treon Harris: I told her — I'm trying (inaudible), don't tell nobody like but (inaudible) she would've came into you all yesterday if it went down like that. Jameis Winston did the same thing. You know, (inaudible).

Det. J. Faroni: Oh, Florida State?

Treon Harris: Yeah.

Det. J. Faroni: Right.

Treon Harris: You know what I'm saying? You think I'm going to do the same as that?

Det. J. Faroni: You got to do your own thing.

Treon Harris: You know what I'm saying?

Det. J. Faroni: Right.

Treon Harris: It should have been like no Treon, (inaudible). That's why I said I can't believe 20 it. I can't believe it.


ESPN and FSU are brought up one last time, this time by the detective.

Det. J. Faroni: I know you were asking about ESPN and all that stuff. I have no idea. I can't tell you if they're going to do anything or not. I can tell you we're going to investigate it is the best I can give you. What the media does is 100 percent out of my hands. Okay? And I think that kind of settled in a little bit for you right there, didn't it?

Treon Harris: Yes. Because I got no (inaudible).

Det. J. Faroni: No, no, I know. That's a big deal. The last someone wants is to go — I mean what was his name at FSU?

Treon Harris: Jameis.

Det. J. Faroni: Don't want to go down that road, right?

Treon Harris: (Inaudible) though I can't believe If that would've happened, she would've came in yesterday. You know what I'm saying?

In that last line, Harris is referring to a fact that the accuser filed her complaint a day after the alleged battery. It was a day after that that police interviewed Harris.

It was announced on Oct. 10 that the accuser has dropped her complaint, but police kept talking to people for several more days. That included the accuser's suitemate, who, according to police, said she confronted the accuser about the text message and how it might have been Harris trying to keep another woman from finding out. She said the accuser told her: "Oh, I can lie the shit out of something. Y'all don't even know the whole truth."


Soon after, the police declared the case closed.

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