Trevor Bauer Wrote "BD 911" On The Mound Before His Start [Update]

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Trevor Bauer, the Indians pitcher who loves both funny numbers and casually suggesting conspiracy theories, wrote “BD 911” on the back of the pitching mound before the first pitch of his start against the Cubs. Here’s video of him carving with his cleats in the dirt, then appearing to admire his work.

The meaning of “BD 911” is, of course, ambiguous, but “Bush Did 9/11” is most everybody’s first guess. Bauer will almost definitely be asked about his message after the game, and we’ll update with his answer.

Update (10:58 p.m. ET): Bauer says that he actually wrote “BD 91.1” on the mound, and denies any association with 9/11. He didn’t elaborate on the meaning of the message, but says it’s “a personal thing of importance” to him.


Update (11:09 p.m. ET):


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