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Trevor Bauer, Lover Of Logic And Facts, Casually Suggests Astros Are Doctoring Pitches [Update]

Photo: Ron Schwane (Getty)

Professor Trevor Bauer is at it again. The Indians pitcher and science knower weighed in on a question to Driveline Baseball founder Kyle Boddy about whether the Houston Astros’ pitching staff could be using some sort of illicit substance to increase their spin rate:


This earned Bauer some gentle ribbing from Astros pitcher Lance McCullers Jr., whose 11.6 strikeouts per nine is eighth in the majors (McCullers’s teammate Gerrit Cole leads that category with 13.1):

Astros manager A.J. Hinch called the whole thing “ridiculous.”


This is the level of intelligence to expect from Bauer, whose two favorite non-baseball hobbies—excluding julienning his ligaments with a drone—are arguing about logic online and making vague gestures towards science:


Bauer knows what’s up with the sticky stuff, and he won’t get specific, but don’t worry, the data is coming soon:


Bauer’s team heads to Houston on May 18 for a three-game series. Maybe then he’ll reveal what’s really happening with the Astros’ rotation.

Update (3:21 p.m. ET): Bauer is now getting owned by the Astros.


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