Trick Shot Off Vulcan Monument Mired In Controversy

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According to YouTube, this is the farthest basketball shot of all time. The makers of this video, The Legendary Shots, are in a pissing contest with another trick shot crew, Dude Perfect over semantics and that superlative. Unnecessary squabbling ahead!

Dude Perfect is probably the most well-known trick shot crew—they're called crews, right? They've been to the ESPYs, they did a commercial with a plane that somehow was about GMC, and they have a lot of trick shot videos on YouTube. Such as the one they think is the World's Longest Basketball Shot:

The Legendary Shots crew originally billed their statue shot as the World's Longest but bowed to pressure—whether from Dude Perfect or Dude Perfect's most influential fans—and decided to retitle their video as the World's Farthest. Now, fun fact: in this context, there is no difference between farthest and longest. The only way this can be solved objectively is during a primetime special hosted by Monta Ellis and Todd Barry.


So who's the winner? They're both really far shots and both crews celebrate a little too loudly, but we're going to give the nod to The Legendary Shots because Dude Perfect didn't call backboard. Either way, get Fox and the Guinness people on the blower.