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Troy Tulowitzki has never made a secret of the fact that he was blindsided by and a little bitter about the Colorado Rockies’ decision to trade him to the Blue Jays last summer. Many months have passed, though, and so now it’s time to check in on Tulo and see how much those wounds have healed. According to this Fox Sports column, he is totally Over It. According to this USA Today column, he is still Mad As Hell.


The Fox piece, written by Ken Rosenthal and headlined “Troy Tulowitzki says he’s done feeling bitter at the Rockies,” finds Tulo fully adjusted to his new team and ready to move on. He’s best buds with Josh Donaldson, he fits into the clubhouse dynamic, and he’s totally over that trade he never saw coming:

He talked openly about that bitterness, talked about how the Rockies promised to keep him in the loop and “man, that was the furthest from the truth.” At the time, I wondered whether Tulowitizki would ever move forward. But as I walked into the Jays’ spring-training clubhouse on Friday, I quickly discovered that he had.

“I was honest last year saying it was very tough for me,” Tulowitzki said. “And now I’m honest saying I’m over it.”

Which brings us to Bob Nightengale’s USA Today piece, published one day after Rosenthal’s and headlined “Troy Tulowitzki still seething over Rockie exit from Denver.” Here, Tulo gets into how hurt he was by the Rockies’ decision not to inform that a trade package was being put together, and certainly comes off like a man who is still angry about how things went down:

“I’ll never talk to him, never talk to those people,’’ Tulowitzki told USA TODAY Sports. “You get lied to, straight to your face, you get upset. I believe in forgiveness, but at the same time, I don’t plan on being friendly with them, or anything like that.’’ The last time he talked to Rockies GM Jeff Bridich was the evening of July 27. Tulowitzki was sitting with Walt Weiss in the visiting manager’s office at Wrigley Field, and he was screaming at him, after being notified he had just been traded to Toronto.


(It’s worth noting that Tulo has every right to be upset about how the trade went down. If management really did promise to keep him in the loop only to pull the rug out from under him at the last minute, that’s some Mickey Mouse stuff.)

There’s nothing to be gleaned from any of this other than what’s already obvious, which is that people can feel many different ways about a thing. Tulo can hate the Rockies’ guts and be ready to move on at the same time, and he can say different things about the trade depending on the day. That’s bad news for headline writers and reporters looking to squeeze a tidy narrative out of spring training, but there’s not much to get fired up about here.


Maybe this story would be more interesting if the Rockies weren’t the saddest-ass team in the major leagues, and were more deserving of a feud with a former player (and potential Hall of Famer). Later in that USA Today piece, Tulowitzki said the Rockies’ spring training facility felt like a “country club” and that he didn’t like it because guys got too comfortable there. Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado responded to that barb by—zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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