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Trump Makes Thirsty Business Asshole Tell Flattering Golf Story

Photo credit: Evan Vucci/AP

Here’s Day-Glo leatherette Cialis tote Donald Trump, in a meeting with various manufacturing executive types, prodding General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt to tell the story of the time Trump boasted about being a rich person who plays golf (probably true) and then hit a hole-in-one on his own golf course (hmmmmm).

My favorite (which is to say, least favorite) part is all the gross, insincere laughing by all the gross, insincere Yes Persons. Haha yes, such a novel and funny story, the time a soft inheritance baby who has spent 10,000 hours golfing for every minute he has spent doing anything that an honest use of the English language would permit to be described as work hit a hole-in-one on a golf course where he has spent more waking hours than the average person will spend in their own home. How humorous, Mr. President! Favor us with another tale of golf triumph, relayed indirectly via a billionaire parasite seeking favorable treatment from the federal government!


Here is a video of that saggy speed-pumped piece of shit selling mail-order steaks on television, if you want something to laugh at.

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