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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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More on the Hail Mary Kid later, but first a field report from La Crosse, Wisconsin.

So I'm with some friends at Oktoberfest in La Crosse, Wis. For those not from the flyover states, it's a festival of public drunkenness in which people try to prove they are the biggest drunken asshole in a sea of 100,000 drunken assholes.

We were at a bar Saturday night and this guy walked in, complete with a Jared Allen-type mullet. Obviously I had to snap a picture with my phone.

A different guy I work with (also from Wisconsin) has continued to maintain he doesn't care about Favre on the Vikings. Today he simply updated his Twitter with "Favre: Go to hell."

I can only guess how Sunday's events impacted mullet/jersey guy, but yeah, Wisconsin isn't taking this well.

-Elliot, Minneapolis, Minn.

It reminds me of the immortal words of Alec "Genuine Class" Guinness, who said: "Who is the bigger d-bag? The d-bag or the d-bag who announces to the world that he is a d-bag by writing in on the back of his shirt? Or Brett Favre?"


* * * * *

Speaking of Wisconsin, I think my blood is 40% cheese right now. Welcome to Monday in the flyover states.

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