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Trying To Stop The Flop

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I wasn't able to get you your soccer update yesterday, but I did want to point out some efforts to being taken to eliminate the diving and flopping that can sometimes plague the game.

In my limited soccer experience, it's one of the things that drives me insane about soccer. Some of these guys make Vlade Divac look like RoboCop. It's pretty commonplace... someone brushes up against a guy, and he goes down like Tonya Harding just hired someone to leadpipe his knee.


So I support the suggestion here that floppers and divers be issued a pink card, as opposed to the standard yellow or red. I like that idea. Issue them skirts, too, that they have to wear for the remainder of the game.

Also, Nike has a slick ad campaign running right now, discouraging diving, arguing, etc., and encouraging people to play beautiful. Even if you hate soccer (which you probably do, are are probably no longer reading anyway), I think you'll enjoy some of these spots. Here's my favorite:

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