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Tuesday Night Fights: Some Russian Thugs Challenge Some Well-Dressed Gentlemen To A Mall Duel, Win

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Mall beatdown 3 russian thugs fight 2 white guys in ties brutal insane mall fight." Tonight's commentator: noted Gawker Nation commenter Maury Compson (Coming next week: Foreign ladies battle in the street; a sagely cinematographer includes an upskirt warning.)

I really fucking hate the mall. I hate the knuckle-dragging Bluetooth morons who have seemingly wandered its sweet-smelling prison-maze halls since 1987. I hate the 45-year-old kiosk guys trying to sell you magnetic mojo bracelets, bonzai trees, and remote-control helicopters; I hate them even though I want all three of those objects they’re peddling.

Malls are also places of violence. They are post-apocalyptic wastelands that would give even Cormac McCarthy an erection. Lawlessness is the only rule in the mall. That is why most malls are patrolled by ex-Blackwater operatives with at least two civilian kills under their belt.

This context explains why tonight’s fight video will shock no one’s sensibilities.

At first glance, it appears to be another mall brawl between two guys in suits and three guys in jeans. That’s a daily occurrence. But, if you watch this movie repeatedly – say, 400 times in a row, listening more closely each time – it becomes something quite extraordinary.

We pick up the action with what appears to be two businessmen on their backs. It does not look good for them. Why the fight started, we do not know. But, the denim toughs really want what is in that bag.

And what is in that bag? Will we ever find out? Do we even want to know? This is a Russian mall, after all.

Another thing which makes me think I’m watching some postmodern homage to indiscriminate violence are those divine sound effects echoing off mall walls when a suited fighter takes a punch square in his face. Look and listen closely. It happens at the 0:06 mark.

What happens next: Another suited gentleman runs to the aid of his comrade, only to be struck simultaneously by two furious blows. Strangely – dare I say miraculously – the blows are accompanied by two almost metallic clangs. There is probably rational explanation for this, but until one is shared widely, I will attribute it to supernatural intervention.

The other highlight blow is that amazing spinning punch that comes 15 seconds in.

The rest of the time it’s just men in suits holding their breath while they stand as erect as possible and flail relentlessly. They are scrappers, scrappers who, amazingly, turn the tables on the denimed ne’er do-wells.

But here’s the thing: Although the suits do lose their treasured bag, they turn this fight around and apprehend one of the hooligans, who is then treated to a couple punches and kicks from a tall man who has just purchased some bath soaps for his fiancée, which understandably has emasculated him and requires him to beat the most vulnerable person in his proximity.

It all comes back to that bag, though. What’s in the bag?

And when did they get fucking malls in Russia, anyway?

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