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Tuesday Night Fights: UFC Fans Brawlin' At Buffalo Wild Wings

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Huge Brawl at Buffalo Wild Wings." Tonight's commentator: A response from corporate. (Coming next week: A high-point in street-fight cinematography history.)

Lacking the ability to track down UFC fans who go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch sporting events, BWW corporate was the next best option.

They were quick to initially respond to an inquiry as to whether, as advertised, "A bouncer was collecting a fee for a UFC fight. This group of people was reluctant to pay and the bouncer said 'wow that's cheap.' They got in an altercation at the front desk area."

As to the specifics, spokesman Dave Hakensen says, "We’ve been trying to learn more today. We have both corporate and franchise restaurants, so it takes some time to find out about isolated incidents like this. Hoping I can learn more tonight."

Perhaps some things are better left unexplained.

And now, the rest of the Tuesday Night Fights:

• This feels more than a flashback than a well-produced street-fight video, but with awesome commentary. (Start of Violence, instantly)

• From TNF tipster Stanistuta, "This occurred during TT week on the Isle of Man. Which is a world famous, historic and much-loved event here (there is even a movie about it called Closer to the Edge). It brings tourists from all over the world and usually tends to coincide with some unusally fantastic weather and general frivolity for locals and visitors alike. Unfortunately it can also inspire excessive bouts of daytime drinking which occasionally leads to incidents like this. Enjoy." (SoV, 0:41)

• Bros here were NOT supposed to wrestle. And observer bros were NOT supposed to get in that filmer lady's way. But they did. The all of em did, if only for a moment. (SoV, instantly)


• The Amateur French Futbol Tear-Gassy Brawl Live Look-In:

• Showdown on Begole St. Flint, Mich. Represent — for about 45 seconds. (SoV, 0:45)

Prostitution whore. (SoV, instantly)

• They know why the caged ladybird fights. (SoV, 1:28)

• The Old People And Kinda Old People Street-Brawlin' Intermission:

• Russian street fight. Russian face kick. Russian defeat. Russian victory. Technicolor. (SoV, instantly)


• Down in the ATL, a coupla ladies work out their difference through violence. (SoV, instantly)

• Let this Nairobi street fight serve as proof positive that you never allow a foe to stay on his feet longer than he should. Had this man knocked that boy out sooner, he wouldn't have gotten dropped himself. But no. He thought it'd be cute to toy with said foe. As such, he gets what he deserved. (SoV, 0:02)


• The "Facebook Fight" Intermezzo (with catchy refrain):

• From America's birthplace, "North Philly Knockouts" that is only one knockout, and there really isn't a knockout at all (SoV, instantly). And this one's purporting to be from Cherry Hill which is close to Philly and all so I'm'a use it here (SoV, instantly). However, there haven't been many fights of note/substance in the Ill of late. Maybe that means we've turned a corner. Or maybe, we've just shifted our interest to posting 'Twerkin at 3am in Philly!' videos instead (Start of Twerkin', instantly). Bonus coverage: Wait, wait, wait, last minute addition. Two-part "North Philly Chicks Rumble!" (Pt. 1, Pt. 2). Bonuser coverage: Well-dressed men street-battlin' in Van Nuys on Philly TV! (SoV, 0:14).


• TNF Beijing Correspondent Anthony Tao sends word of middle-school brawls (SoV, instantly) and the po-po doing some roughing up of the people (S0V, 3:47).


• Street-Fightin' Men Interlude:

• Parking lot bro-battle. But only one really seems to have his heart in it. (SoV, 0:11)


• D'Vaughn vs. Manny. Who ya got? (SoV, 0:17)

• Others: "Two men fight over a woman." "Elevator brawl." "Fight." "Dub Kay Girl Fight Part One."



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