Tulsa Athletic Director Suspended After FBI Investigation Reveals He May Have Bet On Sports

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Ross Parmley became Conference USA's youngest athletic director when he was named to the post in January. He's been suspended by the university today, after the uncovering of an FBI report in which Parmley admits to gambling on college football games as recently as 2010.

The Oklahoman has the story, and it's got the potential to be a doozy. It starts with Teddy Mitchell, an Oklahoma City bookie soon going on trial for running a multi-million-dollar gambling ring. In an affidavit made public last week as federal investigators prepare their case, there are a series of interviews with Mitchell's clients. One of them is Parmley.

Parmley, described by an FBI report as an "admitted gambler," told investigators he placed bets with Mitchell, on both college and pro football games. He maintains he quit gambling in early 2010, while he was Tulsa's associate athletics director for operations and administration. He was named interim AD in Oct. 2011.


It's not clear what specific games Parmley wagered on, so everyone's first question—did he bet Tulsa's games?—goes unanswered for now. He's not charged with any crime, and has not resigned. His suspension, with pay, was announced today after The Oklahoman first approached his attorney for comment.

University of Tulsa President Steadman Upham said Tuesday, "TU Athletic Director Ross Parmley has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation into allegations of gambling."


It's expected that the NCAA will soon get involved.

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